WoundClot Advanced Bleeding Control™

WoundClotÒ is a must-have for any medical professional looking to effectively control bleeding in wounds. This sterile, single-use hemostatic is made from a unique cellulosic structure that transforms into a gel state within seconds when exposed to water, blood, or body fluids. This strong gel is flexible, light, and easy to handle, making it a breeze for trained personnel to apply quickly and easily. Don’t miss out on this innovative product – try WoundClot today and see the difference for yourself.

How it Works

When WoundClotÒ gauze is applied to the site of bleeding, it rapidly converts from a dry flexible gauze to a thick, tenacious, expanding 3D gel matrix. This stable, strong, and pliant gel structure enables rapid and stable hemostasis to be achieved utilizing multiple mechanisms of action.

High Safety Profile

WoundClot ® has the highest safety profile of any hemostatic available today. It is not impregnated with an active ingredient, the gauze itself has been engineered to be inherently hemostatic.

WoundClot™ Advantages

WoundClotÒ comes with multiple advantages which makes it stand out from other products in the market.


WoundClotÒ is unique in its versatility. It can be used in ALL bleeding situations from minor cuts and abrasions to major traumatic wounds.


Easy to use! Minimal instruction needed for proper application of WoundClotÒ.

Fast & Effective

WoundClotÒ activates immediately upon contact with blood stops bleeding FAST!

Efficient & Valuable

WoundClotÒ not only efficiently stops bleeding but it was created to benefit patients and health care providers worldwide.

WoundClot™ Surgical

WoundClot™ Surgical is a bioresorbable CE Class III Implantable hemostatic effective in the management of capillary, venous, and arterial bleeding during surgical procedures. WoundClot™  Surgical has the fastest resorption profile on any hemostatic available today.

WoundClot™ Hemodialysis Twin Pack

WoundClot™ is a next generation hemostatic gauze, engineered to be effective in temporary management of mild, moderate, and severe bleeding. This translates into rapid and effective control of post-dialysis bleeding from AV fistula sites, without the application of heavy pressure.

WoundClot™ Pre-Hospital Trauma

WoundClot™ Trauma Gauze is a next-generation hemostatic gauze intended for bleeding control of traumatic wounds, including moderate to severe bleeding. Intuitive to apply, it was designed to provide trained emergency responders effective bleeding control capability on first application. .

Our Company

Core Scientific Creations was founded with the sole purpose of developing cutting edge bleeding control technologies. With an experienced multidisciplinary team, the company’s first product, WoundClot™ was developed to benefit patients and healthcare providers worldwide.

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